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Wild Goose Qigong

- Powerfully energising as well as therapeutic


Wild Goose Qigong is a therapeutic form of Qigong and is one of the more popular Qigong forms in China. It is a type of self-healing and is powerfully energising as well as therapeutic. The theory behind this amazing Qigong sequence is the same as the theory behind acupuncture - that we have Acupuncture points and Meridian energy channels throughout our body. When our internal energy runs smoothly and fluidly we should feel healthy and well. Through doing Therapeutic Qigong, we keep our internal 'chi' energy flowing as smoothly as possible, bringing about our best level of health. When moving through the sequence, we are lining up Acupuncture points and it can be thought of as giving yourself an Acupuncture treatment without the needles. Qigong Classes and Workshops in Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom. Tai Chi and Qigong Relaxation Workshops.
It is very relaxing and enjoyable to do and although quite complex, is much easier to learn than most Tai Chi forms. This Therapeutic Qigong sequence is totally unique, imitates the moves of a carefree wild goose and involves doing slow moves to absorb positive energy from the environment and get your internal energy flowing smoothly, as well as some faster moves, to release negative energy. After practising Wild Goose Qigong it is usual to feel calm, healthy, focused and totally revitalised.
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