Tai Chi and Nutritional Therapy
Continuers Therapeutic (Wild Goose) Qigong Course


9 week Continuers Wild Goose Qigong Course on Zoom which will run from:

THURSDAY 1ST APRIL - THURSDAY 3RD JUNE 2021 (no class on 6th May)


Cost: £88 for the 9 week Zoom course

Introductory Offer! If you enrol on this course you will also be invited to join the upcoming Beginners Therapeutic Wild Goose Qigong course, which will be ideal if you'd like to go over the earlier moves in the sequence again, while progressing onto the next level.

To reserve your place in the Online Continuers Therapeutic Wild Goose Qigong Course please click on the button to the left to make your payment via paypal, credit or debit card. Once payment is made your place will be secured on the course. Hazel is looking forward to teaching you 

If you don't feel comfortable making your payment over the internet please feel free to telephone Hazel and we can arrange an alternative payment method.

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Therapeutic Wild Goose Qigong is a type of self-healing and is powerfully energising as well as therapeutic. This amazing Qigong form feels light, peaceful and relaxing to do and resembles a Tai Chi form. Being a totally unique type of Qigong it imitates the movements of a carefree bird and involves slow, flowing moves to absorb positive 'chi' energy from your surroundings as well as some faster moves to release negative energy. After practising Therapeutic Qigong you normally feel calm, healthy and revitalised.