Tai Chi and Nutritional Therapy
Holistic Nutrition and Wellness talk: How to boost your immune system naturally


This unique Holistic Nutrition talk is a fantastic and rare opportunity to learn about some of the amazing healing and health promoting powers of foods.

It is educational, evidence-based and presented in a way which most people will understand.

You will most likely pick up some very interesting nutritional facts and be given a few recipes to try out in your own time. Nutritional supplementation may be discussed too.

This talk will be fascinating to anyone who has an interest in either nutrition or a healthy lifestyle, or would like to increase their general Health and Wellbeing.

If you'd like Hazel to come and give this talk at your organisation please email or call her for more information. Please click here for details of other Holistic Nutrition and Wellbeing talks.



We will focus on the immune system and how it works, look at what nutrients may support the immune system and talk you through what foods may be beneficial to the immune system. Ideal if you'd like to reduce your chances of catching a cold!