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Hazel Moffatt DN Med BSc (Hons)                                                                                                

Tai Chi and Qigong Relaxation Therapist                                               

Nutritional Therapist                                                        

Edinburgh                                                            NEW! ONLINE CLASSES!

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Welcome to Tai Chi and Nutrition for Health and Wellness, run by Hazel Moffatt who provides professionally taught Beginners Tai Chi and Qigong Relaxation Courses in Bruntsfield/Morningside and StockbridgeTai Chi and Qigong Retreats/Holidays, Therapeutic Qigong Courses, easy morning Qigong courses in Bruntsfield and Stockbridge one to one lessonsPersonalised Nutritional Programmes and individually tailored Weight Loss Programmes to maximise Health and Wellbeing.




One of Hazel's Tai Chi Classes.


Hazel has many years professional experience teaching Tai Chi and Qigong to people of all ages and levels of fitness in a wide variety of different environments including Health Agencies, Hospitals and Health and Fitness Centres and is also available for Corporate Events and to teach Stress Management courses within the workplace. She is internationally trained, having originally trained in Hong Kong and furthered her training in California. She possesses the natural ability to put people at ease and is relaxed, sociable, likeable and experienced in working with many different community groups. Each class is carefully tailored to suit the needs, fitness levels and capabilities of all those attending the class.

Hazel enjoys working with people and is very passionate about her work. She is available to teach group classes, for one to one tuition, or to facilitate Tai Chi and Qigong relaxation holidays and retreats. 

Therapeutic Qigong Holiday on the magical Canary Island of La Gomera!

An Absolute Beginners Tai Chi and Qigong Relaxation Course will commence in the Bruntsfield/Morningside and Stockbridge areas of Edinburgh in April 2020.

Beginners Tai Chi and Qigong Relaxation Workshop will also take place on Saturday 28th March.

A Therapeutic Wild Goose Qigong Course will start in Edinburgh in January 2020!

Therapeutic Wild Goose Qigong Workshop will take place in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens, West End, in April 2020!

Easy Morning Qigong Courses in Bruntsfield and Stockbridge! 

One to one tuition is also available.

Please note: At the moment all the above classes have been replaced with ONLINE CLASSESPlease click here for more details.  




Nutritional Therapy uses a personalised nutritional and supplementation programme to enable individuals to maximize their Health and Vitality. It is both scientific and holistic and looks at the whole person and underlying cause of health conditions instead of symptoms only. It recognises that each of us is unique and each Nutritional programme is carefully tailored to suit the needs of the individual.

Hazel holds an Honours Degree in Chemistry and qualified in Nutritional Medicine from Thames Valley University. She strongly believes in both a scientific and holistic approach to health and enjoys keeping up to date with all the most recent Nutritional and related Scientific research. She is a member of several professional organisations including the Wholistic Nutritional Medicine Society and the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

Hazel works with Hawthorn Holistic Therapies in the Conan Doyle Medical Centre next door to the Cameron Toll Shopping Centre in Edinburgh and this is where Consultations take place.

In some circumstances, hometelephone and skype consultations are available.

Why not get in touch and see how Hazel can help increase your Health and Vitality today!


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